Simulation services power up your production, sales and future

Jetecon Oy specializes in developing and assisting production and manufacturing companies. We are experts in 3D simulation technology and methods, and its use in various analysis and development projects, particularly for the industrial sector.

Let Jetecon Oy help you to predict and minimize risks to improve your production!

Jetecon Oy was established in 2007 and its headquarters are located in Joensuu, Finland. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience successfully utilizing simulation technology to help our customers in various industrial sectors.

We operate all throughout Europe and our customers include

  • the manufacturing industry,
  • equipment and system suppliers,
  • designing and planning offices and
  • sales and technical support groups.

Jetecon Oy’s strength is our in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you make profitable decisions!

Our methods are based on our know-how and experience in numerous sectors. We are able to use our tools and procedures in a versatile way to produce the top solutions. We work alongside our customers to build and tailor our techniques and software according to your specifications and particular requirements.

In addition to our practical knowledge of a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing processes, we excel in smoothly coordinating and working on projects with several different parties to achieve the best results.

We are eager to work together and apply our expertise and resources to help your business overcome any production challenges you may encounter!

Flexibility, perseverance and reliability are our keys to success.

Find out more about how our simulation services bring your ideas to life!