Systematic development so that the activities of the production environment meet requirements

Layout Design

We provide a fast and flexible design and modelling service to illustrate the company’s resources, space utilization and future needs. The models are based on user-friendly, parametric and virtual components. A single model can conveniently provide all the different forms of layout data according to needs: 3D, 2D (DWG) and Virtual Reality.

Simulation-compatible layout components serve as a platform also for production modelling and other dynamic reviews.

  • Illustrative 3D model
  • Standard 2D DWG
  • Virtual Reality

Simulation Based Consultation

Production systems can cause problems if there are unidentified bottlenecks or the system does not meet the demands. Our simulation based consultation service is a beneficial way to identify and solve problems or optimize processes.

With the aid of our experts you can reach the optimal solution in a high quality, fast and flexible way.

  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Optimal shift plans
  • Failure analysis
  • Cost-efficient level of automation
  • Control logics

Expert Services

Our range of services is ideal for enhancing the operations of production units, production lines, inventory logistics and production planning and control systems.

We provide customized services for investments, production modernization, resource controls and process optimization. Our aim is to make new solution implementations effortless. With our high knowledge of production planning and control systems and their integration, you can achieve the best possible data utilization.


Advantages with new technologies

We provide custom tools for digital transformation to increase productivity. Take the first step towards digital twins, autonomous robot programming and re-configurable simulation environments.

  • Custom solutions
  • Digital Twin
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT