Modelling & Simulation

Development needs and implementation options highlighted using precise simulation models

Process Modelling

Process modelling means accurately simulated work cycles with their actual parameters and device kinematics.

  • Accurate work cycles
  • Range
  • Collisions / lack of space
  • Limitations
  • Cycle times
  • Work cycle validation

Production Simulation

We provide customized production simulations even for demanding developments.

Production simulation often consists of a digital model that combines resources, products, processes, material flow, control logistics and statistics.

Simulation combined with our long-term expertise produces knowledge that can be utilised extensively when putting follow-up plans into practice.

Logistics Simulation

We provide production models that enable the detailed examination, simulation and analysis of the entire logistics chain.

Logistics chains include resources, such as inventory, vehicles, employees, subcontracting and product units with their material flows and controls.

Simulations can be carried out using different baseline situations and scenarios, thereby comprehensively analysing the operations of the supply chain.


Our robotics simulation makes use of the latest technology in terms of both robot software and virtual interfaces. We use a wide range of the latest industrial robot models and their peripheral devices – and if something is missing, we know how to model it.

  • Robotic system simulation
  • Offline programming (OLP)
  • Connectivity
  • Automatic robot programming (creation of ready-made software based on e.g. CAD data)

Virtual Comissioning

Comprehensive Advance System Testing

Virtual commissioning enables the simulation and verification of the operations of e.g. a machine or robot and the devices that operate in the same automation system by using the right control systems together with a simulation model.

This ensures that e.g. PLC signals and the logic behind them can be tested and validated safely and cost-efficiently before actual commissioning or before any specific physical components have even been ordered or selected.

  • PLC
  • VRC (Virtual Robotic Controller)
  • APS (Automatic Program Scheduling)
  • Wide range of optimization tools