Expert in 3D Simulation

Everything can be examined in a simulated production environment

Established in 2007, Jetecon Oy is an expert company specializing in developing processes, production and the logistics value chain.

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Jetecon Oy

Expert company specializing in developing production processes and the logistics value chain

Our experts have a solid knowledge of the field and years of extensive experience in simulation technologies and their successful utilization in various industrial sectors. Our operations are based on the described approaches and the comprehensive use of modern technology.

We work regularly with diverse customer products involving the Internet of Things and Digital Manufacturing.

We operate on a global scale. Our customers consist of, in particular:

  • The manufacturing industry
  • Device and system providers
  • Design and project companies and
  • Sales and its technical support
Our customers

Simulation is an excellent technology in the development of the production environment.

It imitates how actual processes work by revealing how a system under examination or under consideration works.

We specialize particularly in 3D simulation technology and its utilization in various survey and development projects in the manufacturing industry. Our methodological competence is based on e.g. a familiarity with diverse tools and the various indicators built inside software as well as customized solutions.

In addition, our firm knowledge of the production processes of multiple different industrial sectors and our strong project know-how in cooperation with various parties provide a solid foundation for solving challenges related to the production processes of companies.

Our strength lies in an in-depth methodological knowledge of the management of simulation tools and the fast internalization and illustration of customers’ processes.

Jouni Eronen

Senior Consultant, Simulation

Taneli Malinen

Production and Simulation Specialist